Haikus: Dancing with the Stars Week 2

This week’s episode / Samba, Rumba, Paso, Jive / Elimination.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren

Queen Elizabeth
Samba’d: weird arms, missed passes
Raised bar for Week 2
(Score: 25)

Christina Milian

Paso to “Applause”
Tense in the shoulders. Missed step?
Improved confidence
(Score: 25)

Bill Engvall

Croc’dile Rock jive
Simple steps, not half-assing
Gets A for effort
(Score: 21)

Jack Osbourne

Rumba to “Mad World”
Beats self up; does pseudo-split
Could be a dark horse
(Score: 24)

Keyshawn Johnson

Samba? I guess. Sad.
More stomps, scary hip action.
Tries to get in zone.
(Score: 18)

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Clinical Rumba
Technically precise; lacks heart
Learn to act a part
(Score: 20)

Leah Remini

Is she gonna sneeze?
Uncomfortable samba
The judges loved it
(Score: 24)

Corbin Bleu

One Direction jive

Athletic and fun to watch
A total ringer
(Score: 26)

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