2013 Shows: Whodunnit?

Whodunnit? (Photo: ABC)

What? Don’t you like insane death sequences?

Whodunnit? was a summer series in every meaning of the term. Light. Formulaic. Best watched with a friend, but not if anything more interesting were happening anywhere in the world.

And then, 41 minutes into the first episode, after a round of needlessly drawn out (but still effective) tension building – including the key information that Don and Dontae were at risk of elimination – this happened:


And instead of just putting all their ducks in the pilot and finale barrells, Whodunnit? sprinkled some delightfully insane kills throughout their nine episode run. Case in point: episode three ends with a mountain lion.

A mountain. Lion.

There’s no question this series has plenty of room for improvement. But kudos to ABC for putting some dollars into a clever little concept and giving us good reasons to watch all the way through to contestant elimination.

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