Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Back at the cabin Abbie’s all ‘Let’s call the cops!’ and Jenny’s all “Trust no one!”1 Ichabod, meanwhile, is trying to draw the map from his photographic memory and asks for some quiet. Clearly the production team got my notes from last week as Ichabod mutters the actual names of actual places and determines the last known whereabouts of the gate/weapon/book/key.

Establishing shot of an adorable and completely inaccurate church. Mostly it’s completely inaccurate because it’s in the middle of a dang field, not right near the river (and smack in town) like the map showed. The Piano Teacher’s minions (Piano Movers?) stomp inside to find… well, I guess the art department had to work with what they had. The wood ceiling is beautiful, the walls and windows are in great condition, so, to make the place look ‘abandoned’ there are pews turned on their sides and scattered around the room, and some vaguely dusty candelabra stuck to one side. Anyhoo. One of the Movers half-sneers at a Madonna statue and then turns his attention to a bricked-up fireplace. He rubs some mortar from the underside of the lip, rolls it between his fingers, smells it, tastes it, and determines that this must be the place. They did not teach me how to do that in Boy Scouts, let me tell you. The other Mover takes a sledge to the facade.

Car of Haste. Ichabod asks where Jenny received her combat training and she fills in that the various trips overseas were mostly fighting against drug lords and despots. “You’re a freedom fighter,” Ichabod says, somewhat impressed. Jenny posits that “if you don’t fight for the things that you stand for, you don’t really stand for them.” She and Ichabod share a smile of mutual freedom fighting and Ichabod looks to Abbie to join the party. She’s not interested. “Well she does make a compelling point-” Ichabod starts. “Don’t.” Abbie stops. Hee. Jenny, fortunately, bites her lip in the back seat and doesn’t restart the Great Mills Sibling Squabble.

  1. Seriously, she says those exact words. I will accept Alias and I will accept Buffy and maybe I will accept a hilarious crossover with Law & Order: SVU, but if we wind up with a government conspiracy in the midst of all this I think I’m out. And I loved The X-Files.  

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