Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

When we return, Abbie’s interrogation is getting nowhere and Jenny is ready flail herself against the Piano Teacher’s stoic Germanic facade when Ichabod steps in and locates a spiked-wagon-wheel tattoo on the man’s chest. In clenched-teeth German he says it’s the mark of the Shadow Warriors battalion of Hessian soldiers. We get a flashback to the Horseman in 1781 with the same tattoo on the back of his head.1 “It appears time hasn’t diminished the Hessians’ fascination with ancient artifacts,” spits Ichabod. Okay, if this show mashes up with Indiana Jones that will not be as cool.

Either the Piano Teacher responds to his mother tongue or he’s rather chauvinistic because he answers every question Ichabod puts to him. The chest contains a doorway to the seventh circle of hell2 where 72 demons (or, as Jenny points out, the Lesser Key of Solomon) await. Jenny also fills in some backstory about the key (a book written by Solomon) being found by the Knights Templar and oh man is this occult and mystic train getting crowded.

The Piano Teacher villain-speeches that they are living “the final movements of a symphony written centuries ago” and that his kind have been living amongst the villagers all the while, waiting for the moment to come where the armageddon plan can be enacted. While he proceeds to set back German-American relations to the WWII era with his talk of ‘we’re your neighbors, your friends’ Irving and the SWAT team pull up at the Piano Teacher’s house and bust down the door. Studly confirms that this is the home of Wendell’s murderer and Cap’n Flatlinereading is all “This man’s a music teacher. What the hell is happening here?” Whatever it is it’s in the basement according to a rather shaken police officer. German writing on the walls, piles of skulls and bones, various serial-killer-esque decor… is there an German Anti-Defamation League? Because they’re going to need one after a few more episodes.

Gunther (according to the subtitles) says he doesn’t know everyone who is involved – they are many, and they are blond. But he does know who’s pulling the strings – they all do: it’s everyone’s favorite horned demon, Teddy Grahams! He says some parting words in German and swallows a cyanide capsule, dying before any of the trio can stop him.3 “What did he say?” asks Abbie. “It means ‘Moloch shall rise’.” says Ichabod. Commercials. I’m still calling him Teddy Grahams.

  1. It’s not retconned – they did have it in the pilot, it just goes by quickly and not in focus.  
  2. That’s ‘Violence’ for those who don’t read their Dante!  
  3. Presumably the capsule was hidden in a hollow tooth, because that’s what the Hardy Boys books taught me about spies and terrorists and their suicide pills.  

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