Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Back in Boston, Ichabod apparently came up with the idea of the tea party as a distraction1 and when the Hessian killed everyone (with a hand grenade with a fuse! as we get to see in the flashback) Ichabod found what they had gone there to retrieve – a stone chest with the same markings as the oilcloth.2

During this spiel, Jenny briefly interrupts in disbelief and Abbie gives her the “Five second recap: Revolutionary War soldier, his wife put a spell on him and he wakes up two centuries later… how’s that for believing?” Jenny quizzes Ichabod about his regiment and commander and either she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the war or she was just testing to see if he’d go “Uh… Captain… Crunch. Oh, damnit you caught me.” Ichabod’s been putting the sextant together while narrating and reveals the sextant to not just be a sextant but also a projector! Okay, if this show became Alias meets Buffy I would probably not complain.

Ichabod explains that Washington used these to hide weapons on the battlefield3 and the trio gets to see a revolutionary-era survey map of Sleepy Hollow for a hot moment before a laser sight pops up on the wall and bullets start flyin’.4 There’s no particular use in recapping the gunfight except to note a smirk of a scene where Jenny points out her other gun to Ichabod and then Abbie wordlessly shows him how to chamber a round, which he carefully does. Everything wraps up with the Piano Teacher being caught on the porch trying to escape and his compatriots driving off with the sextant. How Abbie doesn’t hit the car once when she’s shown such marksmanship prior just makes me think they didn’t want to add to the stunt budget. Commercials.

  1. “At the time it was called the destruction of the tea,” he notes. “You have coined a more festive name.”  
  2. Except I’m having trouble seeing ANY similarities between the chest and the oilcloth, leading me to fear some stuff was shot in advance and other stuff was reworked to allow for future uses of the iconography. I say fear because, well, continuity is not this show’s friend.  
  3. Okay, sidebar – in 1773 Washington was just involved with the Virginia Assembly and he’d retired from the Virginia Regiment (as a colonel, that part is spot on) almost two decades prior. The Continental Army, where he would attain the rank of General, wasn’t even formed until 1775. This goes beyond my normal ‘That’s not what it looked like!’ (see below for a great one) – these are historic persons, events, and activities, and what they’re suggesting here is that, several years before revolution was really considered in the colonies, Washington and presumably other Freemasons were a) onto the supernatural stuff, b) ready for war with the British and c) on to the fact that the British were onto the supernatural stuff. Whatever. It’s simultaneously extraneous and kinda a big deal. Just like most of the plots on this show. Also, a reincarnated George Washington better show up in season three and basically be Ben Franklin from Dr. McNinja.  
  4. This week’s armory includes two compact assault rifles and a machine pistol.  

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