Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Back at SHPDHQ Abbie is getting nowhere in a phone conversation with some other police department trying to track her sister’s movements. Also, her computer screen looks like it’s showing a bunch of sound files for some reason. Ichabod is looking over Jenny’s file and commenting on her various trips abroad – “Mexico, Guatemala, Nepal… some place called ‘Somalia’.” says Mr. Culturally Sensitive. He wonders why she would come back to Sleepy Hollow if all that awaited her was prison and, sensing a lead, asks about the sisters’ family. “This is the perfect time to ask me about my childhood,” nails Nicole Beharie. But with her phone conversation at a standstill she gives Ichabod the CliffNotes version of their sucky lives culminating in foster care. Ichabod notes that Jenny stayed at her last home longer than any other – maybe they might know something of use.

Truck stop bathroom.1 Jenny checks through her stash which includes money, a passport, a newspaper clipping about Abbie’s success, and two fully-loaded handguns. She packs up and pauses to inscrutably look at herself in the mirror.

Poor Wendell’s bar. Irving strides in and gets caught up on the crime scene by Det. Handsome and a new addition to the Ihopetheygetusedagain Players, a younger blond guy with a crew cut we’re going to call Det. Studly. Studly draws Irving’s attention to most of poor Wendell, impaled several feet in the air on a… I have no idea what he’s impaled on. His head, meanwhile, is neatly placed atop the pool table. Handsome notes it’s just like the Sheriff and the Reverend. “No,” says Cap’n Suprisingeveryonetoday. “The wounds aren’t cauterized.” He lists of several other facts that make the scene distinct prompting ‘Damnit, we underestimated the boss’ glances between Handsome and Studly. Irving wants the forensic findings to his cell phone only.

Foster Home of Candy and Delights. Except for all the words after ‘Foster’. The foster mother is, of course, a piece of work and Abbie waits long enough for this fact to be established to the viewers before telling her she has one choice – give Abbie something to help her find Jenny, or Abbie will “rain legal brimstone down on you so hard it’ll make god jealous.” The foster mum looks like she believes Abbie and tips them off to a cabin a few miles north where Jenny sometimes ran. Abbie smiles and tells her she’s still going to have her shut down. For the third straight episode someone suggests that Abbie was a lousy sister for turning her back on Jenny and feels guilty about it. Ichabod wordlessly places himself between Abbie and the otherwise-would-be-injured woman and while these beats are generally well done I’m going to be so glad when they wrap up the ‘good sister is really a bad sister’ plotline.

  1. Oh how I’ve longed to write those words…  

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