Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Somewhere… in Sleepy Hollow? a man with a vague accent is giving a boy a piano lesson and rudely takes a phone call. The kid isn’t particularly good, but still. An altered voice informs him that Jenny has escaped and might know where “item 37” is located. Aww man, we missed them finding items one through thirty six. Maybe season two will be all flashbacks where that fascinating tale gets filled in. The voice tells him assistance is on its way, and to hang up if he understands. This is actually exactly how Woodward and Bernstein botched a part of their coverage, so maybe this mysterious cabal should invest in some code phrases or something.

Back at the bar, poor Wendell is closing up when the Piano Teacher1 looms at the bar and inquires if maybe perhaps do you think a Jennifer Mills had been there as of late. Wendell sizes up the three pretty scary looking dudes2 and says he’s never heard of her. As the Piano Teacher non-threateningly threatens quite clearly, Wendell pulls a shotgun and gets some terrible dialogue. Then the Piano Teacher calmly yanks him across the bar by the shotgun, unchambers the round, and lays the gun neatly on the bar. Pretty badass move, actually.

Annnd we get to see inside the case. Either this guy tortures people for a living or he does fine woodworking. For poor Wendell’s sake, I hope it’s the latter. Two of the men hold Wendell down while the interrogation continues. He gives up that Jenny was there, but then tells them to go to hell. “No need for that, Mr. Clark,” tsks the Piano Teacher. “In due time, hell will come to us.” Then he sticks something sharp and metal into poor Wendell and we go to credits.

  1. I will give him a more interesting nickname when he does something more interesting.  
  2. one of whom has brought a black hardcase, and you know little good comes in hardcases carried by scary men.  

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