Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

This is apparently continuous action from the end of the last episode as Abbie walks over to Ichabod saying that Jenny escaped. Cut to Cap’n Incredulous Exposition asking incredulously if he heard Abbie correctly – she wants him to call off the search and give her sister a head start? No, no, no, of course not, well yes. Abbie wants a head start herself so the situation doesn’t escalate. Because your sister loves yo bunches, Abbie, and surely you are the best person to go chasing after her in a manner that will get her to turn herself in.

Cap’n Brushoff is unconvinced – all Abbie’s recitation of Jenny’s file (‘disciplined’, ‘methodical’, ‘not at all serial-killer-y’) makes her sound all the scarier. He also casts a skeptical eye on the timing – Ichabod talked with her for five minutes yesterday, and now she’s off and running. He scoffs at Ichabod’s next argument noting “Due respect Crane1… you’re the last guy I would want vouching for my sanity.” This episode is either out of character for Irving or he’s putting up a front for everyone else’s sake.

Abbie plays the ‘lotta dead bodies’ card and Irving wants to know how those unflattering statistics2 relate to Jenny escaping. Abbie quotes from the writer’s room wall: “I don’t know. But it does.” Somehow Irving gives them 12 hours.

A very well disguised Jenny (she looks like Niobe from the Matrix series with those sunglasses…) walks into a bar and, oh you’ve heard this one before? The bartender sees through her clever disguise and pours her a shot of something that looks very strong, saying “I think you’ve earned this.” She asks Wendell (for it is Wendell… the bartender!) for her things and he immediately gets them from his safe. He says she owes him nothing – but an explanation would be nice. “Remember when I told you one day this town was going to go straight to hell?” she deadpans, in her best line reading of the episode.3 “I hate being right.”

  1. Kidding! Little respect forthcoming!  
  2. Also, four episodes in this show and we haven’t seen the mayor or the tourism bureau demanding results because blah blah the economy. This is a good sign in my book – skip that crap entirely and pretend like all of this can exist in a semi-vacuum of ‘small town’ cops and previously unreferenced murder fodder.  
  3. Lyndie Greenwood is not settling into her part anywhere near as smoothly as the other actors, but I have hope. Even after the ugly, ugly exposition in the cabin in a few scenes.  

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