Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 4: The Lesser Key of Solomon

SHPDHQ and I swear this interrogation room just keeps getting more spacious. Jenny is sitting at the table. Abbie enters to take off her handcuffs and open up a bit. Jenny puts a little smirk on her question about Abbie and Ichabod and Abbie lays out the two witnesses idea. Which Jenny can easily grok because the sisters had to memorize bible verses when they were young. Mhm. Moving on. The two retrace most of the points of their falling out and especially Abbie’s failings, and for once it’s not an insufferable bunch of claptrap.1 Abbie finally (Finally!) says that she can’t take back what she did, but she can try to make it right. She offers a legal possibility to get Jenny released early, I think under her supervision, noting that Jenny is a problem the hospital doesn’t need – they won’t want the state knowing they can’t keep their patients inside the building.

As Abbie leaves Jenny says Sheriff Clancy told her to find a way to forgive Abbie, and that she told him she didn’t know if she could. Abbie takes the right step saying “I’m sorry I took so long to find you.” It’s a nice scene overall, pretty well acted, but really this episode was too rocky to earn any sort of solid emotional ending.

In a completely empty hallway somewhere in SHPDHQ2 Ichabod quietly pulls Abbie into a side room and shows her his findings about this Moloch character. It’s heavy stuff – a demon god of child sacrifice who led an uprising against heaven – but I can’t get past the fact that they’re stuck using the same William Blake painting from Red Dragon. There are no other artistic representations of a horned demon out there? Ichabod’s still psyched though. It’s the demon the Mills girls saw in the woods, who summoned the Horseman, who is holding Katrina. “And now we know his name.” Credits.

My issue with this show remains that it doesn’t feel like it’s living in its own world. It’s a bit thin, a bit superficial, and opportunities to shade in characters (or place) keep getting left on the side. At least it’s filling in more and more each week – all the Piano Teacher’s scenes, the introduction of Studly, these are the sorts of bits that make the show more than just a vehicle for plot advancement. Here’s hoping they continue.

  1. Yes, I used that word and I would do it again.  
  2. You blew this episode’s budget on the flaming altar, didn’t you? This is why we can’t have nice extras.  

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