Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 13: “Out on a Limb”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

It’s a battle for Monica’s vote on the penultimate Survivor: Blood vs. Water. In a battle of trust only one thing is for certain: Probst needs to be quiet.

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Tyson was in cruise control, expecting to have the game on lock all the way to the final. He even found a new Hidden Immunity Idol to replace the one he wasted a couple weeks ago. However, Hayden and Katie did not go down without a fight and used every angle they could to get Ciera on their side at Tribal Council by correctly surmising she’s number 4 in the Tyson alliance. A double-tie between Hayden and Monica left Tyson, Ciera and Katie vulnerable to drawing rocks. Alas, Katie drew the bad rock and was knocked out of the main game.


Night 32 at Redemption Island. Tina is happy to be reunited with her daughter, but she’s not thrilled about facing her in a duel at Redemption Island. Back at Kasama, everyone is cordial despite the insane gamesmanship that happened earlier in the evening. Hayden reveals in an interview that he was psyched to have engineered a double-tie situation which granted him safety due to the fact he was one of the candidates in the tie. Hayden’s no dummy. Back at camp, Tyson delivers a (half-hearted?) lecture to Gervase about not telling the intended target he’s going home. Who knew Laura B’s ouster would qualify as foreshadowing? Speaking of earlier episodes, Monica is back to her paranoid ways, verifying with Tyson and Gervase what the plan is and that they are still with the plan and the plan is to get rid of Hayden or Ciera and Tyson and Gervase are still with the plan, right? Tyson short circuits Monica’s fugue state by telling her and Gervase he has the HII. Credits.

Day 33. Ciera and Hayden pat themselves on the back for making a move. Granted the move did nothing to improve their immediate situation, but if either of them survives to the end, the jury will probably look favorably on it. Ciera also makes a good point in an interviewing, saying she has nothing left to lose, especially if her mom gets back in the game.

Redemption Island

Probst starts the proceedings by talking about how a new layer exists in the game because mother and daughter are playing against each other. First, a similar dynamic existed when Candice and John were on RI together. Second, Tina and Katie were playing against each other since Day 1. Shut up, Probst. The challenge is the Brady Bunch Ghost Town challenge, where the players have to build rickety sticks to snatch keys hanging on hooks. Probst stresses that the sticks need to be long and strong, which should surprise no one who has ever analyzed Jeff’s approach to Survivor. Tina is in no particular rush and even shouts instructions to Katie. Laura breezes through the challenge. Probst will not stop playing up the mom/daughter angle, even throwing in some ADR lines to drive the point home. We get it, Probst, jeez. However, even lollygagging can’t stop Tina from catching up with her daughter. Tina keeps asking if Katie is okay with her mom winning before completing the challenge.

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