5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 10: Tomorrow Never Comes

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

The Music City Music Festival delivers big drama, and just as the promo promised, “Someone. Will. Die.” Merry Christmas!

Juliette and Avery reunite in anticipation of their Music City Music Festival performance. Moments later, the paparazzi swarm her with questions about an alleged affair with Charlie Wentworth. Rayna’s furious when new boyfriend Luke hints that Jeff the exec is ready to release her unfinished album. Now that she knows her BFF and ex are an item, Scarlett is no longer speaking to Zoe or Gunnar. Will pretends to dig Layla while privately pining for newly single Brett. After learning that Teddy has booted him from the festival, Deacon sets up his own stage on an adjacent lot and invites Gunnar to play with him. Juliette presses Glenn to find the source of the Wentworth affair “rumors”. Tandy tells Rayna that if they both invest everything they have and go into business together, they can just barely buy out her Edgehill contract. Luke thinks that’s a dumb plan. Peggy and Teddy are getting along just great, even if Maddie thinks her new stepmom is a jerk. And everyone shows up for the festival, where SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENS. It was kinda tough whittling it down to just five awesome things, but I did it anyway:

Scarlett stops talking This chick rocks a tight silent treatment. When Zoe and Gunnar approach, she turns catatonic. I like this Scarlett. There’s something very sub-angelic in her righteous anger. She later tells Avery, “I’m not upset that Zoe and Gunnar are together. I’m upset that they did it behind my back.” Judging by his brooding expression, it doesn’t seem like Avery is buying that line anymore than we are. This does not preclude them from having awesome date night sex at his pad. Go, bad Scarlett!

Layla’s hater face FTW Layla pretends to feel bad for Juliette’s bad press run-ins, which we all know is bullshit because she’s the one who called TMZ. Juliette suspects as much and tells her to cut the innocent act. Layla, rebuttal? “Well, I’m only nineteen so it’s not really an act. I just meant that it must be hard when you’ve been doing it for so long to not be paranoid because you’ve made so many enemies.” And that’s how you age-shame a woman in her mid-twenties.

Reason #578 Deacon is the hottest – his Ron Swanson streak Gunnar worries his new jamming buddy resents him for his falling out with niece Scarlett. Uncle Deacon grimaces. “Unless you cheated on her… we’ve got show to do. We’ll talk about that later. As in never.” Then Gunnar dumbly observes that Deacon usually specializes in giving free advice. “You want some free advice? Don’t crap where you eat. There’s some free advice.” Swoon!

Julavery heats up Juliette almost loses it on stage when festival attendees unfurl a giant “homewrecker” banner. You think she’s about to walk off but instead she saunters up to Avery and he sings along with her. This is enough to get her through the show. Aww, Avery’s a guitar knight! She later spills her guts to him, admitting to the Wentworth affair and her deep regret. Then, during a surprise, late-night visit to his front door, this happens – “The last few months have been really crazy and I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But when Charlie told me that he loved me, I realized that all I wanted is to be a person who gets to say ‘I love you’ and really mean it, so… Scarlett, hey! I’m so sorry, I just came to… thank Avery. So, thank you!” A weeping Juliette walks away while Avery gets a full-on Scooby Doo question mark face. He ponders his blondies. Which one will he choose?

The old teaser death bait-and-switch The preview for this episode offered a special yuletide promise – “Someone. Will. Die.” So when Will steps in front of a train following an awkward hook-up with Brett, you figure it’s him. And that’s horribly depressing, especially as we’re just getting to know and love the guy. But then you notice a few minutes remain… the episode ends with a post-festival melancholy goodbye between Rayna and Teddy. As the two part, a smiling old hippie dude (seen earlier chatting up Deacon) greets the Mayor, then tries to shoot him. Teddy fends him off, but the bullet has to land somewhere. And that somewhere is Peggy’s face. What the?!? RIP Peggy. You were the lunatic Charlotte York of Music City and I loved to cringe at your nutty nervous smile. You will be dearly missed.

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