5 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 3 Episode 9: YOLO

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

Last night on Scandal everyone is losing their mind.

Scandal blows up tonight, not literally but Olivia’s mom is now hanging (I use that word loosely) with the associates, and the gladiators are helping keep her away from Papa Pope.  Meanwhile Sally Langston is releasing her grip on the bible in order to win the White House.  Also at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Cyrus is still wondering what else James might have been doing during their interview and not so secret kiss.  Yes, the kiss that Cyrus basically set up.  But as all is revealed James wants a divorce.  Meanwhile the Gladiators can’t get Olivia’s Mom off the no-fly list and out of the country so Fitz says he’ll do it.  “Consider it handled.” Awww, her white night.

Over on murderer’s row, Huck is holding Quinn captive because he finds out about her partially accidental killing and unofficial intro B613.  In the end she’s saved by the groom from Father of the Bride, because that’s how I remember him, who then kisses her, until she pulls away and then proceeds to sleep with him.  See below for more juicy tidbits.


YOLO? Why does Huck have Quinn tied up and torture-ready until Olivia calls him to tell him, her mother’s alive! (you’ll remember that little piece of info from last week’s recap)  But before he can run off to save his boss Huck decides Y-O-L-O and we fade to black as he reaches in to pull out one of Quinn’s teeth.

“You cannot win unless you abandon your beliefs.”  The current VP Sally Langston is schooled by her campaign manager in the ways of the liberal world and told in not so subtle terms that she must start to express more liberal beliefs if she wants to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

“…you were married to a man named Ray.” Mama Pope spent a lot of time in prison imagining Olivia’s life and in that fantasy she was married to a man named Ray.  Conveniently, Olivia, er Kerry Washington was married to a man named Ray, Charles that is.  And he was played by Jamie Foxx in the movie Ray.

“You people think we’re all gay.” “No, we think gay people are gay.”  Yes, lord, Amen James!  Sally Langston’s husband is trying to get James not to tell the public about their make out session because he claims he’s not gay and that James was the one trying to make him gay.  As if he needed any encouragement for that kiss.

Cy’s ugly cry. One of those quiet, deep cries.  In the Oval Office, just he and Mellie.  And then when you think Mellie just can’t be bothered, she tells Cyrus to deal.

Special shout out to that less than awkward hug Olivia gives her mom as she sends her off on a plane to Hong Kong, only to figure out what we already knew…her Mom really IS a terrorist…..wait, and ALSO that Sally Langston killer her husband (or James, I’m not sure who that is lying in that pool of blood.

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