Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 12: “Rustle Feathers”

Tribal Council

It’s 8:42 when Tribal Council gets started. Something is about to go down, y’all.

Hayden wastes no time explaining the situation to Probst: Tyson is in control of Gervase, Monica and Ciera. Ciera’s all “you can think that if you want.” Probst asks if she was miffed about not getting an invite to the ice cream party, but Ciera chalks that up to the fact she has had a lot of food recently. Gervase volunteers that his pick was also based on the fact they are all original Galang members. Remember: Gervase thinks he’s in control of this game, and that includes his mouth. The conversation turns to totem pole position within the game as Ciera’s placement seems to be up for grabs. Monica says 4th place is better than 6th place, which Hayden extrapolates into Ciera being guaranteed no better than 4th. Hayden’s offer to join his team means Ciera can’t do worse than 3rd. The Galang crew all say Ciera isn’t 4th, even though every time they count their members her name always comes last. There’s also the issue that Tyson and Gervase have placed themselves as 1/2, which means Monica and Ciera would have to battle for 3rd. As this argument continues, Hayden whispers to Katie to vote for Monica.

Time for the vote. Gervase votes for “Hay Done” and makes sure that the jury and the active players all hear what he has to say in the confessional. Hayden tells Ciera to vote for Monica. Tyson declines to play the HII. Probst tallies the vote and it’s three for Hayden and three for Monica. Tyson asks Ciera what she’s doing and she says she believes she is in fourth place right now. The tribe revotes, with only Hayden and Monica as options. Monica. Hayden. Monica. Hayden. DEADLOCK!

The rules of Survivor state that unless the voters can reach a unanimous decision, the non-immune voters will draw rocks. Ciera says she will only budge if Tyson votes her way, so they reach a unanimous decision to draw rocks. Katie draws first, followed by Ciera then Tyson. The player with the white rock will be out. That player is……Katie. Oh. That was not a gamechanger. Tyson whispers to Monica to stay with the team. He then hugs Katie, tells her she made a ballsy move, then points out her seat on the jury. Yeah, that’s not stewardship for jury votes.

Next time on Survivor Blood vs. Water: Tina considers throwing the duel to let Katie stay in the game. Oh, honey. Ciera tells Monica Tyson has been talking trash. Ooo, will paranoid Monica make a return visit?

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