Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 12: “Rustle Feathers”

Probst asks Caleb if it was his strong work ethic and/or the way he handled Colton’s departure that allowed him to stay in the game for so long.1 Probst then asks how on Earth Caleb and Colton are a couple, which is obnoxious but I asked the same thing so I don’t fault Jeff this time. After Caleb takes his leave, Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera. Now that the HII is back in play, Ciera decides having a clue might not be so bad.

Camp Life

Ciera takes Tyson, Gervase and Monica out to the watering hole to read the clue as a group. They figure out the HII must be in a tree somewhere near the watering hole. Hayden and Katie see the scurrying and start looking on their own. The camera operator gets a fun shot of Hayden muttering about the difficulty of the search, not realizing the HII is in a branch just above his head. During the search, we see an interview of Tyson tearing up as he talks about how he needs to make it to the end so that his not saving Rachel way back when wouldn’t be in vain. I hope Tyson knows there’s no Emmy for Best Reality Show Talking Head Spot (yet). The clip is followed by Tyson climbing a tree and finding the HII. He hides it in the crotch of his shorts because he doesn’t have pockets “and no one expects to find a bulge.” Ewwwwwwww. He won’t be sharing the news with his cohorts.

Immunity Challenge

We jump to Day 32, making this the second week in a row where a whole day vanished from the timeline. This week’s challenge has the players working through obstacles while balancing a ball on a pole. After each obstacle, the pole gets another segment added to it, making it harder to balance the ball (Katie gets bonked on the head by hers on one of the balance beams). After the third obstacle, the ball gets dropped into a case, releasing a key to a chest filled with bean bags. The first person to knock off nine bottles with the bean bags gets Immunity and a private ice cream party back at camp.

Aside from the bonking, the race comes down to Gervase and (CHALLENGE) Mon(ster)ica. Gervase edges out the monster, earning his first Immunity necklace of the season. As a bonus, he gets to invite someone to the ice cream party. Gervase selects Monica as payback for the BBQ from a couple weeks ago. Gervase gets to invite one more guest and picks Tyson. Lines have been drawn, it would seem.


During the ice cream party, Hayden pulls Ciera aside for an extended strategy session. He pleads his case to Ciera, but she is not interested in working with Hayden and Katie, even in an attempt to flush out the HII Tyson may have. When that doesn’t work, he tells Ciera players need a résumé when they get in front of the jury. I think “voting out mom” counts as a bullet point, Hayden. Ciera says every scenario results in a 3-3 tie, which does not work for her. Later, Hayden brings Gervase into the conversation, saying this may be the only opportunity to oust Tyson. He offers up Katie for next week’s boot, but no one is buying what he’s selling. Eventually, Hayden tells Tyson in front of everyone that no one wants to vote him out despite his best efforts.

  1. Translation: Except for Brad’s ouster, you were boring TV. Hence, no screen time.  

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