Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 11: “Gloves Come Off”

Not much happens during the challenge. Katie is out first, followed by Caleb when his hands start to bleed. Monica is in her competitive zone again, saying she wants to “show the kids more than one bad-ass lives in the house.” Hehe. Hayden makes Monica work at this challenge, but his hands also get roughed up and he eventually drops out. Monica wins her third individual immunity. Go pre-show pick, go!


After hearing about all the food enjoyed by Tyson, Gervase and Ciera, Hayden and Caleb begin grasping at straws to figure out how to stay in the game. Caleb suggests asking Tyson point blank what he intends to do to see if Ciera is playing the guys against each other. Hayden and Caleb do just that, and the conversation seems to go well. However, even though the guys agree that Ciera has made a move in her own self-interest, Hayden and Caleb don’t fully trust Tyson while Tyson and Gervase don’t fully trust the guys.

Tribal Council

Probst telegraphs to the main targets—Tyson, Ciera, Caleb—that they could be going home tonight. There’s a lot of discussion about trust, particularly in the context of the Immunity Challenge. Tyson says he has faith in his alliances and was surprised more people didn’t sit out. Ciera covers herself by saying she didn’t think she stood a chance at winning the challenge, so she might as well get some food.

The tribe votes. Ciera votes for Caleb, and Caleb votes for Ciera. Probst asks if anyone would like to play the Hidden Immunity Idol…and Tyson raises his hand. He then empties his entire knapsack looking for the talisman. It’s little moments like that where I find Tyson to be the most arrogant. I don’t understand why so many of the players think he is automatically going to win if he makes it to the end. Anyway, he wastes the idol, because the votes are for Ciera and Caleb. Caleb received four, which means he is the next castaway to play on Redemption Island.

Next time on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Hayden lays it out at camp that Tyson will win (really?). Gervase has a conversation with Hayden to discuss alternatives.

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