Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 11: “Gloves Come Off”

Camp Life

Tyson reminds everyone that Katie has three guaranteed jury votes (Aras, Vytas, and eventually Tina), so she has to be the next person voted out. Spoiler: this will be the last time this episode that Katie’s name is mentioned as a possible bootee. The reason: Hayden interviews that he doesn’t want to wait too long to make a game move, and there isn’t much time left. Of the seven people left in camp, Hayden/Caleb and Tyson/Gervase are the only known pairs. Hayden suggests to his partner that now may be the time to boot Tyson. Welcome to the game, boys. Caleb agrees and they tell Katie their plan. If they can loop in Ciera, the original Tadhana tribe could take control of the game. Ciera listens to Hayden and Caleb’s pitch while smiling, nodding, and interjecting “smart” here and there. She later shares in an interview she doesn’t want to play with the newbies because they are switching their votes to whichever way the wind blows. Ciera runs to Tyson, tells him the boys’ plan, and pledges her allegiance to Tyson until the end. That last promise may be an overreach on her part.

Night 28 (we lost a day or so in there): Tyson and Gervase chat on the beach. They talk through their options and decide that they should trust what Ciera said, making Caleb the next target. Tyson’s disappointed because he wanted the guys to be the final four. “Tomorrow is going to be huge,” Gervase says.

Day 29: Ciera asks Tyson if he would like to go with her to collect tree-mail, actively avoiding eye contact with Hayden and Caleb. Although I’m intrigued by Ciera’s edit this season, girlfriend lacks subtlety. As a result, Caleb and Hayden are fully aware that they may not have Ciera’s vote and Katie wouldn’t mind voting her out. Meanwhile, Ciera and Tyson reaffirm their alliance.

Immunity Challenge

This week’s challenge is the one where the players have to hang on to a crank while supporting a bucket holding 25% of their body weight. Although similar to last week’s challenge, it doesn’t instantly disadvantage players based on their center of gravity. As a twist, before the challenge begins players can opt out and enjoy a BBQ buffet while others compete. Tyson, Gervase and Ciera go for food, leaving Monica, Hayden, Caleb and Katie to duke it out.

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