Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 8: Necromancer

Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)

More like *neck*romancer, amIright Deputy Andy fans? Oh, wait, there’s multiple meanings there…

Previously, on Sleepy Hollow: Andy’s alllliiiiiiive! Jenny’s still a part of the show (and is moving in with Abbie). Hessian is German for obvious tattoo. Death cannot be killed (well, duh) but can be trapped. And trap Death they did!

Thomas Jefferson’s Chamber of Horror Containment. Ichabod closes a rather unwieldy-looking circular wooden door and looks positively triumphant at the Horseman. He walks triumphantly to a side chamber with Abbie and closes that door behind them. Then Abbie shows him the modern version of looking all triumphant, the fist bump. He participates with a smile on his face, then mutters ‘Makes no sense…’ behind her back. It’s a cute little exchange, and this show is so much more enjoyable when those happen.

The pair joins Cap’n Stillmildlyincredulous in… the chamber’s computer- and candle-equipped observation room. These Masons thought of everything. Irving would like to drop a nuke on the Horseman1 and Abbie chimes in that she doubts it would work. Ichabod has moved from triumphant to obsessed in the blink of an eye of providence and murmurs about shooting and beheading Death back in the good ol’ days. Abbie notes that all the UV lights and hex candles2 from the Masons have just weakened the Horseman.

Ichabod starts narrating in such a manner that all he’s missing are a couple of ball bearings to clack about in one hand and Irving wants to know what they want to do with the Horseman. Jefferson’s chamber was designed (with some help from Katrina and her coven) to hold “the worst type of demons that may walk the earth”3 so Abbie and Ichabod seem all right with the idea of just letting Ol’ Headless sit for an eternity or so. Abbie’s worried that there’s plenty more evil coming in this war. Ichabod gets a clever idea, and returns, momentarily, to looking all triumphant.

“You want to interrogate the Horseman,” Irving says, eyebrows arched in a very unconvinced manner. “I don’t think he’ll talk.” Sir, I have had just about enough of your bigotry and stereotyping against the head-challenged population. Abbie realizes the Horseman has talked to Andy before, so maybe that’s their way to communicate. Irving is a touch surprised to hear Andy is dead but, y’know, not. I know Irving’s a little late to the whole ‘believing stuff’ thing, but how have you not filled him in on the fact that one of his deputies is a) resurrected and b) working for the head demon? Stovepiping intel like this is a way to get us into a war, people…

  1. He’s not particularly serious about this approach; it’s the writers’ way of keeping him in ‘This is unbelievable! But I have to believe it!’ territory.  
  2. Hex candles?  
  3. “A product, no doubt,” continues Ichabod, “of his years trying to reason with the French.” That line is seriously hilarious because of the ‘Seriously?’ looks both Abbie and Irving give Ichabod behind his back.  

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