5 Awesome Things About Last Night’s Scandal Season 3 Episode 8: Vermont Is For Lovers Too

Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal Olivia gets a glimpse of a life she could have had.

Scandal Thursday was filled with what seemed like a looking glass into a life Olivia Pope would have had if she wasn’t, well, Olivia Pope.  Her mother, who she thought has been dead for two decades is still alive and well in jail cell somewhere, and we still don’t know exactly what crimes she’s committed.  After begging Papa Pope to let her see her daughter, Mama Pope breaks out (we’re not sure why she never did before) and pays a visit to her long lost daughter.  Meanwhile on the campaign trail, Presidential Wannabe Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow) has cooked up Watergate 2.o as their rival The Reston Campaign has allegedly broken into Marcus Campaign Headquarters and stolen a laptop.

Over in the actual White House, Fitz is still reeling over the realization he had a role in what he thinks was killing Liv’s Mom.  In an effort to win back Olivia’s affections, he whisks her away to Vermont and the house he once talked about them living in together, complete with white picket fence.  This is all contrasted against Cyrus and Mellie and their evil plan to out VP Sally Langston’s husband by using Cy’s husband James as bait.  Unfortunately or not, James catches on to the plan and takes a casual interview with Mr. Langston a bit further than Cyrus actually thought he would.  And in Quinn Gone Crazy news, she’s trying to clean up her accidentally-on-purpose killing of a security guard who probably had info on what really happened on Mama Pope’s almost-fatal flight.  But how long can Quinn keep her murderous mistake under wraps from the prying eyes of Pope and Associates, still gladiators, in suits.

1) Olivia Pope is back to wearing the White Hat, or at least a white tailored blazer.

2) Mama Pope has been cooped up too long and is literally gnawing at her own wrists to break free from her restraints (oh Shonda).  Shonda had another baby this summer so maybe she’s more in tuned with the lengths a mother will go to see her child.

3) “Ms Pope, there’s a helicopter waiting for you.”    I’d like to think our tax dollars aren’t being spent shuttling Olivia pope to a weekend getaway in the mountains.  But it seems misappropriation of funds is not something we worry about in alternate universes.  That moment when Fitz tells Olivia that he bought them a house to raise a family in and Olivia loses her mind and runs to him and they spend a more than romantic evening in their would-be Vermont home.  Does this mean Shondaland will bring us a little bundle of joy to match Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy?

4) That moment when Abby figures out that Josie’s sister planted the stolen laptop at the Reston Campaign Headquarters herself and calls and wakes up Harrison who is, ummmm, just getting out of bed with the sister.

5) “Hi Livy”  Dear parents whose deaths are faked and are then imprisoned for anywhere near twenty years, you can’t just show up at your child, now an adult’s, doorstep and call him or her the pet name you used to use.  It’s creepy.

Shout out to the smooth sounds of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” running through the episode’s closing scenes.

On the next episode: “Mind Equals Blown”

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