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5 Awesome Things from Last Night's Nashville Season 2 Episode 8: Hanky Panky Woman | What Else is On

5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 8: Hanky Panky Woman

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

In which we learn pretend-preggo Peggy’s next wise move

After Olivia Wentworth confronts Juliette about sleeping with Charlie, she propositions the star for a threesome. Juliette freaks out, flees Dallas and heads back to Nashville so she can write music with Avery and forget her problems. Scarlett is rattled to see Gunnar on her tour bus, then learns he’s been sent on the road to write songs for Luke. Peggy panics when groom Teddy expresses interest in attending her fake OB/GYN appointments for her fake pregnancy. Just as Rayna is heading to Tampa for Luke and Scarlett’s tour opener, cops arrive with a court order to seize her new album masters. Jeff the evil exec is also on his way to Tampa, as is Uncle Deacon. Seems everyone wants to be near that stage, except Scarlett. She’s so awesomely bad at this. Here’s more awesomeness from last night’s Nashville

When keeping it real goes right Juliette and Avery are happily jamming in her living room but keep getting interrupted by calls and texts from Charlie. She calmly drops her iPhone in a glass of water. Avery asks, “Okay, what’s wrong? ‘Cause that’s not normal behavior.” For real? If I were collecting Juliette’s paychecks, that’s exactly how I’d deal with people playing on my phone.

When keeping it real goes horribly wrong The cards are stacked against Scarlett before she even hits the stage. First, the tech guys rush her sound check. Then Jeff messes with her pre-show, saying, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” After she greets the crowd and the band gears up for “Crazy Tonight”, she misses her cue. Her monitors are being weird. The audience grows surly. And then, in her earnest, doe-eyed way, she says, “I’m lost, where are we? My ears aren’t working, help me out here.” That’s when the crowd starts throwing things. Oh, Scarlett. Haven’t you learned by episode eight that Layla’s “be yourself” advice was really just a mean trick?

Rayna’s got jokes Before Scarlett can run from the stage and any chance of future success, Rayna makes a surprise appearance before the crowd and asks them to play nice. It works and Scarlett muddles through her performance. Afterward, miserable Scarlett echoes Jeff’s words about this being her one chance. Rayna replies, “Who told you that line of crap?.. I got booed so many times. I had people yell ‘show me your boobs’ so much you would’ve thought it was a hit damn song.” Haha! Ugh.

Luke seems like kind of a douche We get our first inkling when Deacon comforts Scarlett after her meltdown. “This is a Luke Wheeler audience. If you’re not singing about beer or trucks, then they don’t wanna hear about it.” The next hint is when you see the star posing beside his own Stetson-gripping, tough guy logo. Oh, boy. Later, when Gunnar presents a killer duet to him and Rayna, Luke says to the young man, “Congrats on our first co-write, bud.” Rayna laughs at him. “Co-write?” Then he backpedals. “I’m just messing with you, man!” Not likely. After all, anyone who replaces Deacon as Rayna’s man needs to be a turd, right? Looks like Luke is gonna fit that bill just fine.

Peggy channels Carrie Now that Crazy has successfully nabbed Teddy, she has to deal with that pesky assumption she’s pregnant. Doesn’t seem like she’s thought this through… or has she? Calling Teddy at work one night, she claims she’s cramping and feeling generally weird. After she hangs up, the camera catches her reflection in the bathroom mirror, revealing a folded paper bag in the foreground. What could it be holding – more pregnancy tests, a turkey baster, Nashville’s famous hot chicken? She opens the bag and pulls out a container labeled “Pork Blood”. Yes, it’s a key prop in her staged miscarriage. Is this gore some bizarre attempt to lure American Horror Story viewers? If so, excellent idea, y’all! Keep up the great work.

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