The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6: Sorry for Your Loss

Speaking of family, Russell and JOhn have arrived in Portland and are outside Russell’s childhood home. John asks his comrade if he’s ready, but Russell isn’t sure what he will say once inside. John says it might not be necessary to say anything. Russell enters, spots his mom, and they hug. She asks him to play one last time for his father and we get a lovely piano performance. This triggers one last flashback (guh) of Russell at a recital where he played the same piece. Russell’s dad watched from backstage, his hand all bandaged up. The recital ends and Russell exits on the opposite side of the stage. He sees his dad, who holds up his hand as if to wave. Russell raises his hand as well, then teleports out of the hall.

Jedikiah sits an unknown apartment. The woman he was observing early enters with a bag of groceries. “Someone’s been a bad, bad girl,” he says to her. Has she been careless with a delicate man? “You used your powers again.” The woman, whose name is Morgan, says it’s easier to teleport to the grocery store three blocks away than deal with stairs or bad weather. Co-sign. Jedikiah is not impressed (I had to fit that in here somewhere), but Morgan starts using her powers to undress him. They start making out. Even villains need to get their yayas, but this means that none of the principle characters on this show are gay, which is…problematic.

Stephen is still beating himself up over what happened with Darcy and Piper. Cara says he did the right thing and Piper is still safe. Darcy made her choice and she paid the consequences. Stephen doubts that he belongs with the TPs since he’s not falling in line with their protocols, but Cara says he is the best person she’s ever met and he’s bringing a new perspective to the group. Stephen uses this as a segue to reopen the conversation about the kiss from the night before, but Cara tries to play it off as nothing. “I think about you Cara,” Stephen says. Cara admits she thinks about Stephen, too. Then they start legitimately making out. Stephen stops and apologizes. Cara says there’s nothing to apologize for and suggests they teleport somewhere more private. Shirts come off and then they teleport to somewhere for sexytimes.

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