The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6: Sorry for Your Loss

We rejoin the present at TPHQ. It turns out Piper’s older sister is Darcy. Womp womp. Stephen suggests reuniting the sisters, but Cara is all “Nope! NopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNopeNope.” Piper pokes her head into the office and Cara breaks down the situation. Piper wants to see her sister and Stephen wants to help. “I hope you know Darcy as well as you think you do,” Cara says to Stephen. Famous last words.

Stephen meets with Darcy at Ultra and lets her know that Piper is safe and wants to arrange a meeting. Darcy appreciates the update, but her job may be on the line. “I’m a senior field agent,” she tells Stephen, and she has a duty to report—even her own sister. She takes a moment before asking Stephen to set up a meeting.

The cop returns to the boys in Akron. “Next time you want to raise hell, bring driver’s licenses,” he tells John and Russell as he unlocks the cuffs. “Sorry for your loss,” he adds. We’re polite here in Ohio. John asks Russell if they will continue to Portland or head back home. Russell says he’s scared to see his mom. “Let her see the man you’ve become,” John says. This episode is dumb.

Stephen and Piper have a booth at the Noodle House when Darcy arrives. The sisters seem happy to see each other and Darcy asks how the family is doing. Piper says they are alive but never got over Darcy leaving. Darcy apologizes for putting her sister through that situation. As the conversation continues, we see Cara at TPHQ watching security camera footage from outside the Noodle House. She spots Ultra trucks pulling up and sends a call out to Stephen. Knowing it’s a trap, Stephen begs Darcy not to take her sister’s powers away. Darcy and Stephen quickly present their arguments to Piper as more agent trucks arrive. Cara tells Stephen he needs to get out. Darcy decides to follow Stephen’s lead as the three run out the back door. Stephen and Piper hide behind a delivery truck as Darcy stands in front of the agents. They tell her to stand down, but she refuses. She gets one more warning, then she pulls out a gun to shoot at the agents. Darcy doesn’t get dogwhistled (hmmm), but her pistol is no match for semi-automatics and she gets gunned down. The agents check behind the truck, but Stephen and Piper have escaped.

Stephen apologizes to Piper for what happened. Piper’s says, “she was all I had left,” but she seems sad rather than distraught. Cara tells Piper she has a new family and gets ready for the TP sales pitch. Before she begins, Irene returns to HQ and everyone gets a chance to hug her. See, family!

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