The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6: Sorry for Your Loss

Jedikiah is hanging out in his car outside his superiors’ house. He’s keeping tabs on the Piper case, reading her dossier on his tablet and getting phone updates from Darcy. The phone call ends and Jedikiah watches a woman walking around outside the mansion. After a few moments, she teleports away.

John wakes up and notices he’s the only one inside the shipping container. “Dammit, Russell,” he mutters. We see Russell, overserved in a country bar, showing off his trick of having a pretty lady throw a coaster in the air only to get pierced by a dart he throws and scoring a bullseye. John shows up and tries to get Russell out of there before he gets into trouble. Russell continues to flirt with his trick assistant, even when her boyfriend shows up to tell Russell to buzz off. Russell reads the girl’s thoughts as part of his flirting, but since he’s drunk his filter of what to say and what to keep quiet is gone. Russell says too much and the boyfriend takes a swing and a brawl ensues. In the fracas, John punches a guy pretty much unprovoked. The guy takes a punch well, but rather than retaliate he pulls out a badge. Oops. Add this to the running total of fights John has lost.

Back at TPHQ, Stephen continues to apologize for smooching Cara. She says it’s not a big deal as the two resume their search for Piper. They talk about first kisses on the subway and amp up the Flirty Gertie quotient. Although Stephen has seen some action in his day, he is what Cara calls a “televirgin” since he has not yet hooked up with a TP. She describes the experience as a higher level of intimacy since both parties can bypass the “what are you thinking right now?” question. Before Stephen can ask any followup questions on the subject of televirginity, Cara gets a reading on Piper. They’re in a plaza area and there are Ultra agents around. Cara calls out to Piper telepathically to guide her through the crowds so the agents don’t capture her. One agent gets trigger happy with a tranquilizer and shoots a civilian as Piper follows Cara’s instructions. Cara gets Piper to hide behind a truck so she and Stephen can teleport to her side. “Ready to trust us?” Cara asks. Darcy and the other agents catch up to Piper’s hiding place, but Piper and company are gone.

The trio have returned to TPHQ. Piper is chatting about her high school experience (insert boilerplate teen angst here). Piper was drawn to New York City for some unknown reason, but Cara explains that TPs have an innate desire to congregate. They’re Sims, I guess. TIM asks to check on Piper’s info and the girl provides some additional backstory in non-flashback form. Her sister bolted a few years ago and Piper is worried her parents are going to feel hurt and loss again now that Piper has disappeared. Cara gets a readout from TIM and pulls Stephen aside. “Do you have any idea who Piper is?” she asks.

Back in Akron, John and Russell are each handcuffed to chairs in the now-cleared bar. John tries to plead his case to the officer, but the cop is not interested since neither guy is carrying ID. John takes a moment and tells the officer that they are going to Chan-Woo Kwon’s funeral in Portland and Russell is Chan-Woo’s son. The cop leaves to check out the story. Russell, hungover from last night’s activities, is not in the mood to have a conversation with John when he’s accused of stalling. Russell eventually gives in and says he’s scared to go home. This triggers another flashback, this time right after Russell returns home with the money roll he swiped. He gives his dad the cash to repay the lessons for piano he no longer wishes to pursue. Pops has no idea why his son is doing this and Russell accuses him of sacrificing everything to live vicariously through his son. “I thought you loved the piano?” Russell’s dad asks. Before the fight can escalate, the goons from the poker game arrive. Russell hides in a linen closet while the goons ransack the house. Dad hands over the money, but the bouncer wants some retribution. He pulls out a hammer and asks for Russell. “If someone has to pay,” Dad says, “I will.” The goon smashes Dad’s hand with a hammer as Russell watches the scene from the closet.

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