The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6: Sorry for Your Loss

Anyway, Russell interrupts the non-couple to let them know he will be heading to Portland to go to his dad’s funeral. Even though Cara and John think it’s a bad idea on the heels of last week’s incident at the nightclub (plus the continuing policy of not going above ground or interacting with humans, especially family members), they’re willing to make an exception. John says he will go with Russell. The official reason: John knows the most efficient teleportation path with rest areas along the way. Hmm, so teleportation has a limited range. The unofficial reason: John wants to keep an eye on Russell.

Stephen plays around on the Ultra computer system when Darcy comes up behind him. She pulls her partner aside to ask who Astrid is and why she was tracking down Stephen. He tries to play dumb, but that’s not Darcy’s concern. She warns Stephen that Astrid puts everyone at risk if anyone else at Ultra finds out she knows anything. Stephen duly notes the warning. Another agent walks by to report that a new break-out has been spotted. It’s Piper.

Irene’s condition has improved and will be released from the hospital soon. Now that this breach of protocol has been resolved, Stephen would like to move on to breaching protocol to protect Piper. Cara tells him to drop it because they need to choose their battles. Of course Stephen disagrees with this and accuses Cara of simply “minding the store” while John is out. Cara seems to take a some offense to this and reconsiders Stephen’s request.

J0hn and Russell teleport to some industrial park at night. Russell asks where they are as John opens a large metal shipping container. “Akron, Ohio,” John says. That’s not much progress if they are hoping to get to Portland in a couple days. They might as well be driving. As the two guys set up camp, John asks Russell when he started playing piano. Russell says he started when he was 5 and his dad was on his case ever since. This triggers a flashback (BOO!!) to Russell playing an underground poker game. He’s using his powers to cheat but, being a kid, he doesn’t realize that winning every single hand is not a sound strategy. The head of the game (and presumably a mob) decides that Russell doesn’t get to take any money home. The bouncer at the game tries to punch out Russell, but the kid teleports out of the way. This does not improve the bouncer’s mood, nor does Russell snatching a roll of cash before running away.

Stephen and Cara are street level searching for Piper. Cara reminisces about scrounging around 63rd and Lexington when she first arrived in the city. They pop into a bar and Cara asks Stephen to buy her a beer. Even though the bartender can tell instantly Stephen is not of age and won’t sell, he has no problem selling two drinks to Cara. Before Stephen can take a swig, Cara spots Piper playing pool behind Stephen. They make eye contact and Piper bolts. Cara catches her outside and says she’s there to help. Before they can complete the sales pitch, Cara and Stephen spot Ultra agents approaching. They turn back to where Piper was standing, but she’s gone. The agents continue to approach and Stephen and Cara don’t have an escape path. Stephen thinks fast and makes out with Cara to hide their faces. The agents walk past without incident. “That was, uh,” Stephen stammers once the coast is clear. “Smart,” Cara says, walking away. “Uh, yeah, ‘smart'” Stephen says in his Peter Brady voice.

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