Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Back in the tunnels Andy is warning Abbie about that which she already knows – Horseman coming, wants skull, is Death, yadda yadda. Demonstrating a utility no greater than a voiceover narration, Andy ‘reveals’ that one can’t destroy Death, but you can trap Death. At the same time, Ichabod is decoding the document and coming up with doubtless the same information. I love Andy, but this is yet another scene that, in retrospect, is utterly unimportant. At least it’s well acted.

Ichabod, triumphant in his discovery, comes upon this odd little standoff and peers at the reanimated deputy with interest. Andy recoils. Tom Mison and John Cho are quite good at subtle physical comedy, and Nicole Beharie has previously shown great adeptness with reaction shots. More please. Learning that Andy is in communication with the Horseman, Ichabod demands a message be delivered – if he wants his head, meet Ichabod in the cemetery after dark. Okay, now you’re just tempting fate; it’s a good thing it’s not your last day before retirement, and that you don’t have a new baby waiting for you at home.

Andy gives Abbie an ‘Is he serious?!’ look, made all the more delightful by his inability to really turn his neck. Seeing no alternative, though, he agrees. Ichabod threatens him to stay away. “Don’t threaten me,” Andy responds. Ichabod has no response to the response. Both men look back at Abbie for a decision in this dick-measuring contest, and she gives one of the greatest non-verbal ‘I’m not even gonna deal…’ responses in the history of the moving image. And like that, Deputy Andy is gone. Abbie fills Ichabod in on what he already knows and he triumphantly waggles the printouts.1

Upstairs, there’s a weird little recap of the last three minutes and then the revelation of the Masons’ brilliant plan: have a witch turn the moon into the sun. “Perhaps there are still witches in Sleepy Hollow?” muses Ichabod. You already know what happened to the native population and the water supply – are you really holding out hope for witches? Abbie’s gears churn to a good alternative – UV lights, no witches required. “As long as it doesn’t include the Internet…” says Ichabod.

“So we have to lure him into the tunnels…” continues Abbie. Wait, why? Do UV lights only work in historic subterranean passageways? “Any ideas how?” Ichabod has a few, but that require supplies that may not be ready before sundown. So… when you told Andy to go slap the Horseman and shout ‘Ichabod sent me!’, you… had no real plan? I love this show. “What if we got help?” asks Abbie.

  1. Dialogue: “I deciphered the password.” CC: “I cracked the code.” Makes me worry the latter was the original script, which is just too out of character.  

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