Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Sunnydale HS Library, and the only laptops in town. Hoo boy – get ready for some wackiness as Ichabod tries to use a computer! We’ll skip past this and get to the manuscript itself, which Ichabod deduces must be encoded with a Vigenère cipher. He explains how those work and resolves that they need the key word in order to decrypt the document. Then he snipes at Abbie (in retaliation for her wordless snicker at his computer difficulties) being flummoxed by a foreign concept and oh for pete’s sake can we let this clash of time periods go or at least write the exchanges in a more interesting manner?

Abbie’s phone reminds her she’s supposed to have coffee with Det. Handsome and she (obviously) excuses herself to make a phone call. Ichabod stops her, suggesting she should break the date in person and explaining that she is “much easier to read than a Vigenère cipher.” At SHPDHQ, Morales is unconvincingly looking upset/sick/sweaty over his reanimated coworker from earlier. He’s literally in the process of remembering Andy’s words about Abbie when she calls (because she’s a coward) and he sends it to voicemail. She leaves a message – apparently she gets reception in the tunnels beneath the city?1 – hangs up, then pauses before throwing an elbow directly into the face of the person who has snuck up behind her. Because she’s badass.

“Andy?” she says, drawing down on the zombie, now with a dislocated jaw. “You’re supposed to be dead!” He shoves it back into place and smiles in a surprisingly casual and non-threatening way. “I am dead… is that not apparent?” Snerk. It’s like Columbo is a zombie. He exposits that he’s stuck; he wants it to end but it won’t and he is trying to protect her. She doesn’t look wholly convinced.

Meanwhile, back at the hilarious anachronism, Ichabod is FOR NO GOOD REASON back on the computer2 and – wouldja believe it – somehow pulls up HotChixxx Live Chats. “Well that is wildly inappropriate,” he murmurs, before playing out completely predictable but still rather funny little exchange with the webcam lady. Turning his attention back to the printouts. Which he has. Removing any need for him to be on the computer. Whatever. He notices a shaft of sunlight falling right across the skull and causing a noticeable glint. Turning the skull over he discovers the word ‘CICERO‘ engraved in silver into the backs of the teeth. Password. Found.3 Commercials.

  1. Also, if she’s in the tunnels, that suggests she’s heading from the archives to the police station so she could have talked to him in person. Whatever.  
  2. He has a printout of the manuscript…  
  3. Bitchez.  

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