Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

They scramble off to investigate, Ichabod never answering Abbie’s totally legitimate question about the meaning of four lanterns. The discover… ew, well done Horseman and well done production team – he’s turned the Masons’ heads into rather creepy lanterns. Since they’re messing with the Horseman’s head, literally, he’s responded in kind, and desecrated the mind-temples of his enemies in the process. Abbie nonchalantly blows out the flickering candle in one skull. Okay, that’s funny in spite of the situation. She discovers the skulls are lined with silver – the same method Paul Revere apparently used to brighten his lanterns back in the day.

Now for a nice bit of ‘history’. Ichabod recalls that John Adams gave Paul Revere a package to carry on his ride, marked with a demonic heptagram (or “Devil’s trap”, as Abbie calls it, both having seen it in Corbin’s files1 ) that Ichabod assumed were secrets to defeating the British. He realizes now they were secrets for defeating evil – and that the Horseman was present at the Midnight Ride, trying to regain the documents that must contain information about his own weakness. “We gotta find that manuscript,” says Abbie. Before extinguishing another skull lantern. Commercials.

Tarrytown Museum of Colonial History.2 They have the manuscript, apparently. And also a tour guide who’s getting under Ichabod’s skin with every other slightly incorrect word. Three guesses where that plotline is going. But first – Ichabod accosts a guard drinking bottled water and harrangs at him that it should be an inalienable right. “Where do the courts fall on this?” he blusters. Hee. Bring it up with Jefferson and the other Framers, m’kay buddy? Hold onto what I’m sure was a most eloquent response, dear guard – Ichabod must go and correct the tour guide. Before it can go on too long, Abbie swoops in with apologies for her “cousin Steve” who’s off his meds and gets Ichabod the heck out of there.

“I have good news and bad news. What do you want first?” says Abbie, completely unhelpfully because you know where this is all going so just come out with it woman! “Is this a riddle?” balks Ichabod. The manuscript is on loan to a museum in London (“A three month’s voyage by sea!” he groans.) but it’s been uploaded online. “That is excellent news,” smiles Ichabod. “You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?” says Abbie, zipping out of the room. “No I do not,” admits Ichabod.

  1. Even though we haven’t seen those files in ages…  
  2. Because Tarrytown, like Sleepy Hollow, is large enough for a museum of that size.  

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