Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Paul’s looking for a box and Cap’n Accommodating is willing to accept a bag. Before the complicated logistics can be fully worked out the Horseman strides into the lab and promptly mows down poor Paul. Irving manages to get off a few rounds and then ducks behind some cabinets to avoid the hail of bullets. Having seen what walked through the door he manages a quick “Oh my god.” before managing to unload a clip into the Horseman, knocking the rifle from its hand. He goes to grab the skull and the Horseman counters with his old standby of hurling his axe across the room. Irving ducks, Matrix-style, and the axe severs the head of a taxidermied crow on the wall. Visual parallels. I get it.

The Horseman pulls his other old standby, the pump action shotgun, and Irving manages to scramble away with the skull while the Horseman redecorates the lab in the style of Early Buckshot. Espying the Horseman in a convenient nearby mirror Irving mutters an action movie line and shoots at a pipe containing either steam or liquid nitrogen or something, the point being the resulting cloud halts the Horseman and lets Irving scramble to his car. Quick cuts of Intensive Driving, a startled veer around the Horseman’s horse, and Irving is safely away with the Horseman staring him down in the rearview mirror.

Sunnydale HS Library. Irving is as close to overwhelmed babbling as Orlando Jones can pull off but at least he’s finally coming around to the truth that it took Abbie four episodes to see. “I need to… fill out a report,” he mumbles. Hee. “I need to call the governor.” “What are you going to tell him?” says Ichabod. “What do you think I’m going to tell him?!” is the incredulous reply. “A headless horseman is mowing people down to bring about the end of days? For further questions, please call Ichabod Crane, the man who beheaded him in 1781.” “It was a mere inquiry,” huffs a chastened Ichabod. Hee again.

Irving wanders off to go rock quietly in a corner and Ichabod turns his attention to the skull and its imminent destruction at their hands. Cue montage!1 Surprisingly to absolutely no one, the sledgehammer, the acid bath (or maybe liquid nitrogen?), and the small bomb have no effect. As they head off to a junkyard with an industrial compactor, Ichabod spies… okay, he supposedly spies lanterns swaying in a nearby parking garage, a la Paul Revere’s signal, but the POV shot is through a tree branch and I had to rewind five times before I became convinced there were any lights, let alone four. Why they didn’t stage the shot more clearly is completely beyond me and is the episode’s one real ‘Huh?’ moment.

  1. Just a side note that he says “It’s something I never intend to do again.” and I think it should be ‘something I intend to never do again.’ and no, I don’t know why I just wasted your valuable time with this particular aside.  

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