Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Ichabod suspiciously studies a gallon jug of ‘Pine Springs’ water and arches an eyebrow at the idea that one pays for water instead of drinking from “one of the thousands of taps around town” or perhaps the lake. Dude, just because you didn’t have a word for dysentery back then doesn’t make it not a thing. Stop romanticizing the past; that’s Owen Wilson’s job. A casual exchange about environmental degradation, and then a ringing phone alarm has Ichabod hilariously looking about for the source and holding a can of food to his ear. Nope, not there. Better check the decorative seashell on the bathroom sink.

It’s a sundown reminder and Abbie opens up this scene’s box o’ exposition/needless rehashing by ADR’ing that the Horseman will show up after sundown, and also Ichabod should go talk with the Masons as they have Vital Information about the Horseman’s weaknesses. He’s surprised she doesn’t want to attend said meeting. She finally explains some of her dislike of the Masons saying the “no girls allowed rule really gets under my skin.” Look, they let you bust into their secret underground lair last episode after you pointed a gun at them and made a lot of poorly-motivated ranting statements. I hardly think you’re being fair.1

Downtown Sleepy Hollow2 where Det. Handsome sprints like half a block to casually catch up with Abbie and ask a bunch of questions about what she’s doing that would be annoying if he weren’t her ex. To her credit, she doesn’t roll her eyes too loudly while informing him that her sister Jenny is getting out of the psychiatric institution on the morrow and moving in with Abbie.3 Handsome wants a catch-up chat and to try and just be friends because that how it used to be before they dated and oh look someone is creepily watching the conversation from afar.

Abbie agrees to coffee the following afternoon and gives him a delightfully look of barely-concealed-exasperation at his antics while walking off. Morales heads off in the opposite direction and the figure continues to watch. A quick flyover shot, and then Morales is exiting an establishment that has a cross and crown stone relief next to the door. I wonder if that will become significant?4 A shadowy figure in an alleyway calls his name and Sleepy Hollow’s planning department really needs to do a better job of considering the amount and placement of lurking spaces when they develop their zoning code.

  1. Also, this is the first bit of a lot of disconnect between the dialogue and the closed captions. Here, the Masons leader is written in the CC’s while Ichabod just says ‘the Masons’ have information.  
  2. This is the first time in ages we’ve seen anything shot on a populated location. It’s a good look for the show, and they should do it more.  
  3. This is the only reference to Jenny all episode, so I include it here as an element of the historical record, of which these recaps provide an essential, if completely unread, part.  
  4. It doesn’t in this episode, best I can tell.  

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