Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Abbie and Ichabod wind up on either side of the Horseman and taunt him a second time. But then – danger! The Horseman catches sight of a glint of silver in the teeth of the skull Abbie’s wielding and takes off after her. Ichabod yells at her to snuff the light and she manages to find a moment to pause and do so. Guess all that blowing out the candles in the skulls of Masons from earlier turned out to be invaluable experience.

The Horseman has lost the trail – until Abbie cries out “Crane! Help me!”1 having maybe broken her ankle. The Horseman finds her dragging herself along the floor of a surprisingly dust-free room with some sort of shape drawn on the stone floor.2 She continues shouting for Ichabod – until the Horseman is in the center of the shape, when she yells “Now!!” and Cap’n Justintime throws a breaker, turning on a battery of high-intensity lights, forcing the Horseman to his knees as he begins smoking like when the sun rose in the pilot. Irving is wide-eyed and pointlessly holding a gun on the Horseman while Ichabod dashes up from behind and locks the demon’s ankles into heavy irons. The music swells, the three survey their captured quarry with a mix of exhilaration and uncertainty, and we go to end credits.

You see, Sleepy Hollow? You see how easy it is to write a good episode, and not feel the need to wrap up every little detail in a nice little bow, never to be spoken of again?

More please.

  1. Closed captions: “Crane! I’m hurt!”  
  2. It doesn’t look much like the Devil’s Traps we saw earlier, though…  

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