Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Ichabod, Abbie, and Cap’n Comingaround sit in the archives making dozens of fake skulls. I’m still not clear on the Horseman’s ability to sense anything in particular, so I’ll allow this ripped-from-Looney-Tunes plot to advance. For now. Ichabod gloats that the Masons have a cell designed by Thomas Jefferson, complete with supernatural barrier, so it’ll be a snap to hold the Horseman. This prompts an exchange about Jefferson, Sally Hemmings, the role and validity of the press, and generally serves to inflate and deflate Ichabod in rapid succession as the trio sets their trap. It’s much better than a wordless montage of trap-setting, and resolves with Ichabod a bit chagrined that Jefferson took credit for a clever line Ichabod once said to him. Our heroes must always disappoint.

Back in the archives Ichabod gently broaches the subject of Morales and Abbie unburdens that she figures they didn’t have a shot anyway what with the fate of the world always getting in the way of having coffee. Ichabod smiles that Katrina had once thought something similar, but, as Abbie and he unpack, if it weren’t for their connection the Horseman would still be dead (maybe?), Katrina wouldn’t be in purgatory, and Ichabod wouldn’t be stuck in an unknown time with all his friends long dead. So… let’s go catch us a demon, right team? Yay? Abbie commiserates that she often feels pretty lonely as well and Ichabod notes that perhaps the witnesses really only get each other. As the sun sets, they head off… to destiny. Commercials.

Bellevue Cemetery. What? Have we seen that name for the cemetery before? Enter the Horseman, atop his steed of white. Ichabod mocks him from the distance, atop a steed of his own, using the Horseman’s skull (or a skull, given what we’ve seen) as a lantern before dashing off into the night. The Horseman pursues, missing with a shotgun blast, then narrowly missing with a swing of his axe. As he doubles back to retrieve it from the side of a tree, Ichabod scurries ahead to a tunnel entrance, barely closing the grate above him before the Horseman swings his axe again. Moments later the chase continues on foot through the tunnels; at least there’s no room to swing an axe down here.

The Horseman comes upon a skull-lantern, just sitting around. He picks it up and discovers it’s one of those cackling Halloween decorations and smashes it against a wall primarily because it’s really annoying and secondarily because it’s not his skull. So I guess we can conclude that the Horseman has no remote sensing abilities.1 Elsewhere he picks up another skull and crushes it in his hands. Then he flattens a third underfoot in a very cartoony manner. Their wascally plan is working!

  1. Unless they become necessary for story purposes.  

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