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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride | What Else is On

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 7: The Midnight Ride

Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox.com)

The Horseman is back! John Cho is back! Good writing and plotting is back! It’s like Christmas, but with more skulls!

Previously, on Sleepy Hollow: Abbie saw a well-dressed guy with no head and was cruelly sabotaged by Deputy Andy. Cap’n Weary Disbelief wearily disbelieved her. Andy est morte. Det. Handsome used to date Abbie. Ichabod is a freemason, and this is for some reason horribly upsetting to Abbie. But she does like Ichabod enough1 to help him break his blood curse with the Horseman.

Why am I recapping the recaps? If you’ve stuck with the show this long, through five straight meh episodes that headed steadily downwards, you’re itching for the good stuff. Here it comes:

Weathered hands light a lantern and we’re in Boston: April 18, 1775 for Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. Yay! More revisionist history that’s actually rather fun.2 Lights hang in a bell tower and four riders who are definitely not the Four Friggin’ Horsemen of the Apocalypse gallop through town passing the word (quietly) that “The Regulars are coming.”

The riders gallop along a forest path as day begins breaking and BlurryVision(TM) suggests the presence of something evil. Or historical. The conceit is still being worked out. Oh look, someone is bringing up the rear for moral support! Wait a second… why is the moral support carrying a battle axe? And why does he have that Hessian guard tattoo on the back of his head OHMYGODITSTHEHORSEMAN. I was surprised. Were you surprised? I was certainly surprised.3

The Horseman (currently still with his head, including spooky white eyes) slashes one rider across the back and another across the…arm? causing both to fall from their horses. Horses which are not seen again in the background of any shots. The second rider, a bespectacled young man4 sees Death a-nearing and manages to shout ‘Paauuuuuuullllllll!’ and ‘They’re here!’ before having his head cleaved from his neck by a Hessian who really dislikes improper pluralization. Paul Revere’s eyes go wide – very wide – and we get a zip zoom in on them and out on Ichabod’s who breathlessly murmurs ‘My god!’

At a huge pile of bulk food and canned goods. Oh you wacky show, you. Abbie, whilst putting a deadbolt on the cabin door, informs him that citadels are not required to procure such stashes of provisions anymore – supermarkets are everywhere! And so generically named!5 Ichabod is stunned – they could have taken Lexington in a day had they only had all these 32-oz cans of Sloppy Joes! Abbie reminds him this is all for his benefit – with the blood tie with the Horseman severed, Ichabod is now vulnerable and needs a good hiding place. He also still needs a good cover story, don’t forget – I’m still holding out hope for late night DJ.

  1. Not like that. Please, show – not. Like. That.  
  2. This show is like a scaled-down Warehouse 13, and, as much as I love that show, it’s working well.  
  3. I was not surprised, but there’s actually not a ton to snark at in this pretty good episode.  
  4. Why do the nerds always have to die third? Crispus Attucks, meanwhile, was apparently taken out offscreen early in episode 1.  
  5. I wish she’d just said ‘Finast’, which was the supermarket in Tarrytown when I grew up, long since bought by Edwards’.  

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