Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 7: “Swoop in for the Kill”

Survivor: Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)

For whatever reason, strategy on Survivor: Blood vs. Water does not seem to include both trust and long-term goals. There are some major boneheaded moves as we approach the halfway point of the game.

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: the watery blood got murkier thanks to producer intervention a tribal swap. After the switch, Ciera was with a bunch of dudes on Tadhana while Vytas crashed Ladies’ Night on Galang. While Tyson got to work setting up Aras for an early boot, Kat expressed concerns about Monica over-strategizing. The new Tadhana tribe won the immunity challenge, allowing Galang the opportunity to get rid of uber-threat Vytas. However, Kat’s complaints about Monica got around camp and Kat’s stock plummeted. Despite her best efforts, Kat was voted out of the tribe.

Redemption Island

After venting about Tribal Council to John and Laura M on Night 17, we rejoin Kat the next morning as she sobs on the beach. Her main concern is that her failure may jeopardize her real-life relationship with Hayden, whom she fears will be disappointed and embarrassed. Ooof, there’s a lot of baggage that needs unpacking, I fear. That becomes even more apparent when the trio arrives for the duel at Redemption Island Arena. Kat gets a hug from her boyfriend and apologizes to him. Jeff asks what’s going through Kat’s mind, then tries to browbeat Hayden into swapping out. Kat asks Hayden how he views his standing in the game, which basically turns into an argument as to why he should be voted out the second he becomes vulnerable. Although Kat wants to continue playing, she decides it may be best for Hayden to stay put.

The challenge is rather basic. The players have to untie a machete, then use that machete to cut through a rope holding up a bag of puzzle pieces. Once the pieces are in reach, the players have to untie the bag and empty out the puzzle pieces before assembling the fire-shaped puzzle Cochran solved last season. The first two to finish stay in the game, the loser goes home, then someone will burn the Hidden Immunity Idol clue. John leads the challenge from start to finish and gives the HII clue to Monica so she can toss it in the fire. Laura M and Kat are neck-and-neck for the most part, but Kat refuses to look at Laura’s progress for hints. Laura has no problem looking at John’s completed puzzle for guidance and completes the challenge. Sorry Kat.

Camp Life

Hayden goes through a significant bout of survivor’s guilt following Kat’s ouster. I would be more concerned with how she blew up your spot, but whatevs. The tribe discusses the gameplan post-merge, which is basically pull Vytas back to their side and wipe out Galang. Confident in the plan, Aras heads out for a meditation hike. No one accepts his invitation to tag along. So while Aras sits cross-legged on a hillside envisioning a final four of Aras, Vytas, Tyson, and Gervase, Tyson meets with the rest of Galang to discuss how they need to get rid of Aras and Vytas ASAP. They basically make a final five deal to make sure Aras and Vytas do not take control of the game if and when they reunite.

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