Exquisite Corpse: This Week on CBS Drama

NCIS: LA (Screen:CBS.com)

Wackiness at every turn as law enforcement confronts Halloween shenanigans on this week’s All of Them.

Season 14, Episode 6: An Exquisite Corpse

The CSIs investigate the death of a homeless man who had a big winning streak at a small casino. The probe reveals that a mad man is conducting experiments on humans. Holmes and Watson investigate when Capt. Gregson’s wife is the victim of a home invasion from a masked gunman. The probe reveals the killer may have a fascination with the Salem witch trials. Jane brings together the remaining Red John suspects after he gets ahold of the final clue, and he hopes this gathering will allow him to identify the elusive serial killer. Meanwhile, a prankster targets the NCIS team. Callen goes undercover at a prestigious high school after a 15-year-old hacker compromises terrorist missions. Meanwhile, Finch and Reese receive a number for an amicable estate investigator.

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