Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 6: One-Man Wrecking Ball

When Galang finally gets their puzzle going, Tina makes quick work of the slats. Tadhana loses their lead because it looks like they put the slats in slightly off-center, which means they have to move over each individual slat. Galang puts in the last slat and starts celebrating. Probst takes a look and a couple pieces are swapped. Galang makes some switches and starts celebrating again. There’s still problems. Tadhana double-checks their design before calling Jeff over. Tadhana wins immunity.

Scrambling / Tribal Council

Back at camp, Tina apologizes for the FUBAR at the beginning of the challenge. She’s very sweet and Tina-like in her apology, which drives Vytas up the wall because he has some opinions about what went down. However, as the only guy on a tribe made mostly of continuing Galang members, he’s wisely keeps his mouth shut. Who doesn’t keep their mouth shut? Kat, who tells Tina that Monica’s over-strategizing could be a liability. Tina’s looking down the road at the merge where there is a strong chance of a major sausagefest if the women don’t stick together. Later, Tina mentions to Monica (in front of Vytas), what Kat said. Monica in turn confronts Kat without naming Tina. I think we see where this is going.

At Tribal Council, Kat tries everything she can to convince her tribe that she is loyal until the end and that they should vote out Vytas. Vytas says Kat’s back is against the wall and he has managed to earn trust in the 24 hours he has been at camp. Kat should have followed her own “SHUT IT” advice: she’s voted out unanimously. I can see her doing well at Redemption Island…unless Hayden stupidly swaps in.

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