Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 6: One-Man Wrecking Ball

The buffs are revealed and the shakeup is…problematic. Here are the new tribes:

Galang: Tina, Kat, Monica, Laura B, Katie, Vytas

Tadhana: Hayden, Caleb, Ciera, Tyson, Aras, Gervase

Camp Life

Tadhana: Tyson, Aras, Gervase immediately pump their new tribemates for information, which the newbies are more than happy to provide. Are you kidding me? You don’t talk about vote dynamics with new tribe members—we learned that back in season two! Also, you don’t roll over on food issues when new people come to your camp, Hayden. Tyson actually says to everyone on Tadhana that he will eat all of their food…and then he does! Tyson also tries to throw Aras under the bus by highlighting every single action he makes to appear domineering or inconsiderate of the tribe. It’s rather transparent since Tyson won’t shut up, but given how dumb Tadhana has been since the arrival of TAG team I wouldn’t be surprised if this tactic works.

Galang: Tina is happy to be reunited with her daughter. Katie is probably happy too since she was given yet another reprieve from certain death in this game. All is not well within the tribe, though, as Monica’s constant strategizing is driving Kat crazy. “You wanna learn how to play Survivor?” Kat asks in an interview. “SHUT IT.”1

Immunity / Reward Challenge

This week’s challenge is actually less complicated than the last few. A pair from each team will swim out to an underwater cage holding a fish trap. After untying the cage door, the pair will free the fish trap and bring it back to shore, allowing the next pair to go. After all three traps are collected, two members of the tribe will use the slats in the traps to assemble a puzzle. The first team to complete the puzzle wins Immunity and a picnic for the tribe.

Tina and Laura face-off against Gervase and Aras at the start. Gervase’s swimming has improved since the first challenge, but that’s not important because Tina and Laura forget to bring their cage back. They don’t learn of their bungle until they are all the way back to shore, giving Tadhana an insane lead. Vytas is able to make up some time for Galang as part of the second team, but Tadhana has a huge head start when it comes to the puzzle.

  1. I’d like to point out this clip plays immediately before we see footage of Tyson’s Aras-bashing. Brilliant editing choice.  

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