5 Awesome Things From Tonight’s Scandal Season 3 Episode 4: Say Hello To My Little Friend

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This Week on Scandal we learn even Pope and Associates needs to keep its lights on and we’re back to business as usual.

On this week’s episode of Scandal, Olivia kicks Jake Ballard out of her bed, errr apartment, one thing we would never do.  Meanwhile Huck is at an AA meeting, no, not Assassins Anonymous, but regular old Alcoholics Anonymous because assassins have to keep their addictions secret.  And at the same time, Abby ends a pseudo date with ex-flame and DOJ attorney David Rosen.  But, because even Gladiators need to eat, they’ve taken an old school sex(ting) scandal on as their next case.  In nod to Weiner-gate, Spitzer-gate and Clinton/Lewinsky a Senator’s cyber-mistress is found dead and he’s the prime suspect.  Apparently this poor woman was not the only woman the Senator was in virtual contact with, but don’t fret she’s then dragged through the mud at her own murder trial – so much for respecting the dead.  But, putting back on the white hat, Olivia finds out that the Senator didn’t actually kill anyone, even if his wife admits in open court that she doesn’t love him and how could one love someone like him.  Well, she didn’t love him, but she does love being a Senator’s wife and so she killed the one person she thought her husband was cheating with, little did she realize there was never just one.

While over at the B Story, Mellie’s backing a hot shot female senator, and the opposing party’s potential presidential candidate. You’ll remember that Fitz is actually a republican, and if you forgot, don’t worry so did I.  But in a moment of weakness or plain old “brain fart,” Mellie forgets the woman’s microphone is off and finds herself revealing a bit too much about her less-than-honest plan.  Plus, Jake Ballard corners Huck in yet another parking garage and Huck reluctantly agrees that they both have the same enemy, Eli Pope.  Apparently Huck killed Pete Foster who the President then gives a burial at Arlington and randomly shows up for.  Consequently, photos of the Pres at this random funeral show up on Instagram and Cyrus has to do damage control.  So of course he stops by to see Mr. Pope and ask who Pete Foster is, while Jake secretly records their conversation over Mr. Foster’s secret missions and knowledge and why he had a tattoo that made it seem like had flown a secret mission that was actually piloted by President Fitzgerald Grant.

B613. We’ve been hearing about it since last season and it drives our whole Scandalous world, but what is it, an agency, a faction of an agency?  What else does it do when its not training legions of assassins like Huck and Jake and Fitzgerald Grant?…

Sexting. Straight from the headlines.

On Wed- Thursdays we wear pink.  If you’re of the Mean Girls generation, you’ll recall the great Karen Smith’s exclamation.”  Well, tonight Mellie’s WEARING that pink suit at the podium with her new Senatorial buddy.

“Do you think we can leave the past in the past, sir?”  Fitz did VERY VERY bad things….in the Navy.  He’s moving burials to Arlington and showing up at funerals and we’re not entirely sure why, but it looks like a cover-up.  Who was Pete Foster? Does Liv’s dad know Pete Foster? How exactly does the President know Jake Ballard? Is the President more connected to B613 than we thought? Did he know Pete Foster in the Navy? Did he fly a secret mission with him? Were civilians killed? Why did Huck kill Pete Foster?  What are the original flight plans?  Why is Tony Goldwyn so handsome? Why Shonda, WHY?

This isn’t the Bush White House we don’t wear boots, we were shoes.

*Honorable Mention: Next Week on Scandal, Lisa Kudrow Guest Stars!

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