5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 5: Don’t Open That Door

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Tandy’s stabbing Lamar in the back while Rayna’s asking him for a loan. Meanwhile, Lamar makes Teddy an offer he can’t wait to refuse. Oh that wacky Wyatt/James/Conrad clan! See what else happened on this week’s Nashville

Deacon’s got a new girlfriend and a new gig at a fancy guitar shop. Rayna’s quietly working with a vocal therapist, but rumors abound about her damaged pipes. With Jeff pressuring her to release her final Edgehill album, she asks Lamar to help buy out her contract. New Edgehill artist and established superstar Luke Wheeler hosts a benefit concert, during which Rayna invites Juliette to join the Grand Ole Opry. The label’s PR peeps push Scarlett to revamp her image. Will is eager to make amends with Jeff after failing to record Gunnar’s song. Tandy makes a deal with the US Attorney’s office, promising to keep secret her submission of evidence against Lamar. Avery and Gunnar start jamming together and invite Zoey to join the fun. Juliette has second thoughts about sharing the stage with Layla and eyes Will as a possible third act for their tour. Teddy snubs Lamar when the ex-father-in-law tries to reopen business between Wyatt Industries and the City of Nashville. Zoey breaks the rules of feminism and sleeps with Gunnar – and that’s not even in the top five most awesome things that happened on last night’s Nashville

Juliette’s jab of the week At the benefit rehearsal, she graciously invites Will to join her Inside the Dream tour. Layla interrupts, greeting Will with a big, flirty hug. Juliette smiles at her young nemesis. “You two are already friends, huh? That’ll make it easier when I tell you to cut fifteen minutes from your set to make room for Will.” Haha, surprise burn!

Possibly Evil Zooey Deschanel is no longer “possibly” During a dressing room heart-to-heart, Layla convinces Scarlett she should ignore the label’s advice and just be herself in front of the press. Her reasoning is that even though she herself had been singing in pageants since she was six years old (YES) she still lost the reality show competition to a newbie. Therefore, Scarlett should embrace her newbie image, because everyone will just love that, right? Wrong. Scarlett overshares at the pre-benefit press conference and pretty soon a journalist is quizzing her about her drunk uncle Deacon. Meanwhile, Layla smiles so big at the cameras, her eyes nearly pop out of her head. I LOVE HER.

Nashville meets classic Hollywood Will figures out Layla is messing with his pal Scarlett and he’s pretty steamed about it. But then Evil Zooey Deschanel posts a gushy tweet about running into him backstage at the benefit. Jeff smells an opportunity and asks Will to fake a romance with EZD. Since Will’s such a people-pleaser and so good at pretending to dig chicks, he agrees. If Lina Lamont had a Twitter account and Don Lockwood were secretly gay, this would be exactly like “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Rayna sings! Right after she invites Juliette to join the Opry onstage at the benefit, Luke pulls a fast one. He asks the Queen of Country to stick around and sing for the crowd. Rayna tries to bow out, but it’s too late. The band breaks into “Best Songs Come from Broken Hearts”. She stumbles through the first couple verses. The audience chimes in with the next couple verses as she holds the mic to the crowd. Then she pulls the mic back and belts the high notes right before the chorus. And the audience rises to a standing ovation! So corny. Still, I was verklempt.

Lamar’s roller coaster ride to the pokey In the most efficient dramatic breakdown since Maddie figured out her dad is marrying his crazy ex-girlfriend, Lamar wanders into a bar, spots Teddy, turns to leave, sees a resurgent Rayna performing live on TV, sticks around to do a celebratory shot, then gets arrested as Teddy smiles smugly in the background. Whew! At this rate, Lamar will have served his prison sentence and exacted revenge on his ex-son-in-law by the midseason hiatus.

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