The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 2: In Too Deep

The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

Stephen struggles to master his new powers as he gets sent on his first case with ULTRA. But the Tomorrow People also have an interest in finding the target of the investigation.

Previously on The Tomorrow People: we met Stephen Jameson, a handsome lad who may or may not have serious mental issues. Spoiler: the answer is “may not” because he’s actually one of the Tomorrow People, a group of adolescents demonstrating a genetic mutation granting the carriers three T’s: telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. However, a government organization named ULTRA would like to see this mutation exterminated. ULTRA is headed by a man named Jedikiah Price, who also happens to be Stephen’s uncle. Rather than kill his nephew, Jedikiah offers Stephen a job at ULTRA.

The episode begins with teleportation on a rooftop: Stephen chases a kid who looks like a skater from 1999. “You and me, we’re the same,” Stephen calls out, but skater boy isn’t buying it and starts using his telekinesis power to push Stephen toward the edge of the roof. Stephen teeters on the edge before we get Rashomon‘d to three days earlier. Stephen’s sprawled out on his bed, looking not like any 16-year-old ever and making me feel bad about myself. Anyway, his mom comes in to give her son a prescription refill and to let him know he’ll need to babysit his brother tonight. Also, Stephen needs to clean his room.

Mom leaves and Stephen walks to the bathroom, smirking. He turns around and his telepathy trick worked: his room is clean and tidy. He and Luca leave for school. Stephen starts to take another path and Luca’s like “uh, the bus is this way.” Stephen says he has a ride, then teleports once his brother leaves. Stephen hasn’t fully mastered his powers yet: he lands in a slop bucket in the janitor’s closet. He exits and runs into Astrid, who had been waiting outside for him. I hope they give Astrid something to do soon, because right now her role is “barely tolerate Stephen” which seems like an unnecessary story function. They make plans to meet that evening to watch YouTube videos. “I’ll be there with bells on,” Astrid says. Get rid of this character.

After school, Stephen narrates for us ULTRA’s mission statement and company bio. ULTRA studies genomics, advanced mathematics, and the 3Ts demonstrated by the TPs. One thing we learn is that the telepathy is not simply communication, but it can tap into a person’s emotions and memories. After the narration, Jedikiah completes Stephen’s office tour by showing him the news center, which keeps tabs on any new TP-like activity, which is referred to as an “outbreak.” Stephen asks a question about “homo-superiors” which causes everyone (myself included) to cringe. Jedikiah says he doesn’t like the word, not just because it is aesthetically not-pleasing, but because it implies that humans are inferior and that simply cannot be. If Jedikiah is married, I hope his wife’s name is Josephine.

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