Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 5: John Doe

Hospital Monitoring Room of Intense Stares. Abbie blurts her clever plan to a briskly walking Irving, right in front of CDC suit, who apparently is walking too briskly to to hear anything. Irving isn’t any more amenable to the idea of letting Thomas and Ichabod leave the hospital – most of the town is in a panic.1 He tells her to report to Morales for vitally important traffic detail and strides off – running right into Morales. Abbie sizes up the situation and siddles off into the nearest room. Which turns out to be the chapel. “Really?” murmurs Abbie. Snerk. She monologues to God for a bit, asking for a sign. “Isn’t that what you’re known for?” she asks. When nothing happens, she shakes her head and starts to leave. A woman enters and uses the holy water, prompting the barely tenable Aha! moment as Abbie concludes that the giant well at the colony might be the environmental factor Ichabod mused upon earlier.

Meanwhile, in the State of Dream, Katrina says she knows why she’s trapped here. Then she says nothing. Then Ichabod breathlessly says: “Why? Pausepause Tell me!” and she opens her mouth and ohmigawd he’s yanked away from her by Moloch! I’m sure this fascinating2 plot point will be explained soon. She yells at him to fight for his life and he wakes up in his hospital bed.

Abbie is having another tête-à-tête with Cap’n Suddenlynolongerinterestedintrafficcontrol, explaining her theory about the well. “Water is used by many religions as a way to purify,” she says. “Roanoke seems to be some sort of holy place.” So, wait, he’s already on board with the 400 year old colony and the magical return-the-boy-and-he’s-healed plan? Did she explain the Four Horsemen scenario, or would that just be a too much for a small-town cop to absorb right now?3 Irving is all incredulously furrowed brows, but otherwise seems willing to listen, maybe because absolutely nothing else makes sense. Also because he obviously knows more than he’s been letting on.

“Do you really believe that’s going to work?” he says, reluctantly. “I’ve got no choice but to believe,” says Abbie, summing up this episode’s weakly written and ploddingly plotted character arc. “Okay,” says Irving. “I think I have a way…”

Somehow (see two paragraphs ago, last sentence) CDC Suit will get orders to transfer Thomas and Crane to an overflow facility which is not at all how quarantine works I don’t think. This will give Abbie the opportunity (by stealing the ambulance in which they’re both being transported) to get them to the colony. Irving will do what he can to cover. I’m sure that will be both extremely effective and not at all displayed on screen. Commercials.

  1. The rest of them have been in their workshops all day building birdhouses and haven’t heard the news.  
  2. and quite possibly already written  
  3. Actually, we never heard where Irving came from, just that he’s been on this force for a couple of weeks as of the last episode.  

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