Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 5: John Doe

Ichabod sinks into a dream state, which means a visit with Katrina – and no BlurryEdgesVision(tm)! She can’t believe he’s really there, but a little smooching seems to assure her of the fact. But this is worse news than one might expect – she’s been too weak to communicate with Ichabod as of late, and his appearance here must mean he’s not well; the only souls in this place are dead, or near to it. Commercials.

Back at the hospital a guy in a CDC jacket nods to Det. Handsome and unzips a plastic barrier to let him through. I take back my statement from two paragraphs ago – this is a brilliant piece of business that really drives home the gravity of the situation and doesn’t seem at all cheep or half thought out. Morales takes a phone call from a woman with a British accent calling from Merton College, Oxford. She confirms that he’s a tenured professor there, currently on sabbatical and on loan to the police in Westchester. Right. But still – intriguing. Who’s pulled what strings to quash Morales’ investigation? I really hope it’s Irving doing a high pitched British voice.

Dangit, Irving walks in as Morales is wrapping up the call. He tells Handsome to track down “Parsons from CDC” so they can coordinate a plan to “control public response”. I hope we get a scene where everyone watches The Siege and then Parsons (CDC Suit?) goes ‘Yes… that.'1

Back in the dream state, Katrina reveals they’re in purgatory. The lumbering shadows of interns and catering crew in the background are souls “who’ve been collected here.” How much space do you need for a purgatory? Because my snow globe collection is threatening to take over the living room and maybe it’s time for me to switch things up. More good news: Moloch decides the fate of said souls, and is currently keeping Katrina captive.

  1. I don’t in any way hope this happens. Martial law is a last and worst resort in a democracy such as ours and the citizens of Sleepy Hollow deserve much better out of their non-existent city government. Seriously, I know it would complicate things, but all we’ve seen of government around here is the police and one letter carrier…  

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