Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 5: John Doe

Irving calls with news that the disease is spreading – Thomas is getting worse, and EMTs and nurses are falling ill. Abbie cuts off Ichabod’s attempt to relay his theory and the two agree they do have to start looking for answers quickly. “If Thomas does carry a plague… the effects could be apocalyptic,” Ichabod says, for those who missed the thing previous to the previouslies. They head off to search the woods where Thomas was found with a bizarre exchange of Abbie: “And perhaps…” Ichabod: “Perhaps we will find the lost colony of Roanoke.” Because we’re now a 1930s adventure serial.

At the hospital, the EMT goes into death throws and the horseman rides up towards his bed. He falls back dead, dark blood spilling from his mouth. Commercials.

At the woods, Abbie notes that word must be spreading and people are leaving town.1 She makes a teasing crack at Ichabod’s theory and he snipes that the modern age did not invent sarcasm. As they trapse down a path Abbie seems to be sorry for all the teasing this episode and asks Ichabod to tell her who was more sarcastic, Adams or Jefferson. After some prodding he says “Jefferson had an obsession with puns, and Adams kept a notebook of unsavory limericks.” Abbie is slightly dumbstruck, but Ichabod was just teasing back. Maybe. It’s kinda inscrutable, and I really hope we get more (fake) dirt on the founding fathers.

Abbie uses her smartphone’s ‘compass app’ but Ichabod is proving that newer is not always better by tracking Thomas’ footprints and a broken spiderweb.2  The two play a quick ‘my century would kick your century’s butt’ (it’s in the subtext) and Ichabod says “There’s more!”

SHPDHQ. Irving tells Handsome and Studly to meet him at the hospital in half an hour then strides off to continue being an intriguing bundle of character notes. Studly asks Handsome if he’d talked with Irving about “the new guy” (presumably Ichabod). Handsome reports they are to keep their heads down and do as they’re told. Studly’s fine with this – keeping the Cap’n on their good side could mean promotions! The NYPD! Other sock cliches of attainable goals for small town cops! Handsome’s still muttering about Ichabod and Studly tells him to let it go; Irving knows something they don’t, and apparently he’s fine with that. Handsome still isn’t, and says he’s going to make some phone calls.

  1. This sentence seems to be ADR’d and is oddly flat at any rate.  
  2. Yes, we get the B-plot, thankyouverymuch.  

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