Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 5: John Doe

At the hospital, Ichabod is a little freaked out by the quarantine measures, noting (also) it will scare the boy. Abbie tells him the plastic barriers are necessary to prevent contamination. “Plastic,” snarks Ichabod. “How did we live without it?” No idea, but I hear there’s a future in the stuff. CDC Suit rattles off a list of information he needs from ‘the vector’ and Ichabod bristles that there’s a boy in that bubble and he’ll talk to him as such. “Whatever it takes,” eye-rolls the suit. I bet we’ll be able to count on this bureaucrat to do the right thing when the chips are down in the last act of this cliche.

Cute bit with Ichabod speaking directly into the webcam from an inch away before Abbie sits him back at normal Skyping distance. The boy seems much less terrified than you’d have reason to think he would be1 and we learn this is Thomas Grey and that he’s sorry for doing something he shouldn’t have done. We’ve all been there, kid. My parents never forgave me for waking that Kraken despite their warnings to never speak the cursed words from the Cursed Book of Ga’ulll. Parents, amiright?

Ichabod finds out and relays that Thomas was forbidden from leaving his home. Abbie is still holding out hope that this might be a totally normal cult kidnapping, saying they “see this all the time” – people keeping children prisoner and isolating them, including through teaching them a non-native language. Really? All the time? In this small town?! I rest my case.

Thomas tells Ichabod he’s from Roanoke. This sends CDC Suit and Abbie down a lack-of-historical-understanding path to contact folks in Roanoke, Virginia. Ichabod murmurs that they may be on the wrong trail – “What if Thomas is from the lost colony?” “What lost colony?” asks Leftenant Audience Surrogate and we get a BlurryEdges(tm) flashback to North Carolina in 1587. We also get Ichabod explaining all the history to Abbie back at their clubhouse, because they built the set and damnit if they aren’t going to use it at least once an episode. Ichabod emphasizes the ‘perhaps’ in ‘perhaps the lost colony moved to Sleepy Hollow’.

  1. Maybe it’s Ichabod speaking the same language and also wearing many buttons.  

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