Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 5: John Doe

We return to a flyover of the Tappan Zee with the little Kingsland Point lighthouse visible and then it’s on to SHPDHQ where Abbie can’t find a match for the boy in the missing persons records. Ichabod stops being fascinated by scotch tape to be slightly incredulous that “hundreds of children go missing in this country…” Dude, if Ichabod Crane did late night infomercials for Save the Children in that smoky voice of his I would totally donate.

Cap’n Irving exposits his way into the scene saying the boy is a John Doe at Westchester Memorial until they can figure out who he is. Abbie starts to explain what ‘John Doe’ means1 but Ichabod takes over the explanation noting “the term came into being in Britain, thank you. Long before my time.” Hee. Legitimately irked Ichabod is funny. Ichabod fills Irving in that the boy speaks Middle English. “Naturally,” deadpans Cap’n Deadpan. Hee. Him too.

Ichabod explains he studied the language at Oxford. “So did the boy go to Oxford,” Irving asks, wearily. Ichabod gets almost flummoxed for a moment but pushes on. The boy said ‘evil girl’ in a dead version of English – that’s all he can say for sure. “Any theories I’m going to like?” asks Cap’n Dryverydrysarcasm. Abbie says there’s nothing in the database and Det. Handsome has even checked with the local Amish communities. Irving says his contact at the CDC was interested in Irving’s description of the boy’s veins and is sending someone up. Okay, hang on, wouldn’t the hospital or the health district be the one to call the CDC? I’m (not) sure it will all be explained soon. Irving tells Ichabod they’ll need him to question the boy.

Det. Handsome trails Irving into his office2 all Crane was a suspect, now he’s consulting, whaddup with that?3 Irving turns Abbie and Morales’ history back on him for a moment, then says “Crane’s knowledge of the beheadings makes him an important advisor to me  right now.” then adds Morales should focus on his own work. Message received, Handsome leaves. Really, I can’t wait to see what’s brewing with Irving, but I fear being so disappointed.

  1. Good, because I’m sure there were some audience members transfixed by the episode’s title and at the edge of their seats waiting to understand its relation to tonight’s plot.  
  2. and says my least favorite phrase on the show “It’s a small town…”  
  3. My spell check recognizes ‘whaddup’, btw. I fear for us all.  

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