Exquisite Corpse: This Week on CBS Drama

The Mentalist (Screen: CBS.com)

So much action on this week’s All of Them that it can barely be contained in one episode!

A former Navy officer’s girlfriend is kidnapped and her abductors demand classified intelligence before they will release her. DiNozzo returns to his Baltimore police department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the crime scene of a murdered petty officer. Hotch fights for his life due to complications from being stabbed by the Reaper, and experiences visions of his late wife and his nemesis Foyet. Shaw reluctantly accepts an assignment to tail a 10-year-old girl whose number has come up, but she eventually grows to admire the girl’s surveillance skills. Catherine Willows returns to help the CSIs solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years. Catherine’s seemingly harmless surveillance job turns deadly. Holmes enters the dark world of the Polish mob to find a killer.

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